Holiday in Wales

Ok so it's that time of the year, kids on leave and Devon full of tourists so it's about time we left the county and took the kids and dogs away for a break.

This year we had a couple of new additions, firstly Laatu who at 11 week sof age was coming away on his first of many holiday with us, secondly Josh invited his best friend Ethan to come away with us for the 2 weeks (Ethan and Josh spend a lot of time at each other houses and Josh had already been away on hols with Ethan's family in May) and finally the last new additional was our caravan :-) fed up with the hassle of the folding camper or hiring of motorhomes we took the plunge and bought a caravan to make the future trips to dog shows with camping much more fun.

So with caravan and car fully loaded we headed off to Wales. It had already started raining of course.

We are very lucky and have some great friends who met us on site and had us set up within an hour, caravan, awning and fencing. While this was in process Laatu and Tarkka stayed with Shelley over at her caravan and Laatu kindly dug a hole in her garden (sorry Shelley).

During our stay Laatu escaped twice but all in all it was a success. We took a puppy pen and so Laatu had a safe area of the awning he could play in that allowed us to go over and eat with friends, play cards have sing alongs.
As you can see Tarkka and Laatu seem happy in their holiday home.

Lets also not forget the neighbours

So what did the children do all day? Well they spent a lot of time out on their bikes and skateboards, playing badminton, we went canoeing at Brecon, Steve Cooper took them fishing (we are not allowed to say how many the kids caught vs Steve) and lets not forget the rounders and tag rugby.
Then we had the chance to celebrate Andy and Karen Lee's 25th wedding anniversary with a BBQ and street party (Lappy Lane)
With 24 of us for dinner it seemed like a good time for Laatu to have lots of cuddles with everyone.
Then Aunty Shelley and Aunty Kay let Laatu have a bit of Andy and Karens anniversary cake and a sip of champagne!
I must explain at this point that Laatu did better on the chocolate cake and champagne than Josh who was a tad sick that night :-(

We then had a few days of overcast weather which made no difference to the dogs who now enjoyed the routine of eating, sleeping and going for walks meeting lots of other dogs and people at the showground and also out and about in Builth Wells and Brecon. I also got the chance to take Josh and Ethan swimming and we went canoeing for 3 hours zig zagging along the canal crashing into the riverbank and getting attacked by bramble bushes while George walked Tarkka and Laatu around Brecon and then sat and waited for us to return.

All was not lost with the weather as Chris and Terry kindly brought some sunshine down with them and Terry also brought his guitar so we could have a sing song in the evenings but more importantly with the sun back out it meant we could have port and cheese in the afternoons.

Terry give me some of your port


Thanks for sharing Uncle Steve, I'm holding the glass in case you change your mind, I know you lot and I gather this is the sixth bottle of port you've all drank this afternoon

Uncle Gavin I'm feeling a little sleepy now
So with the holiday coming close to an end we realised it was time to get Tarkka ready for the show

Mum you say I'm going bald, I think I have a bit more hair than dad

So show day arrived which also sparked the end of our holiday so while Tarkka and I went over to the show with Josh and Ethan, George stayed behind with Laatu and with a lot of help from Steve packed the caravan down.
Why do I have to stay here

I'm really proud of Tarkka as he got 3rd in Post Grad.

Thanks boys for taking some photo's

So all in all we had a great holiday but Laatu sums it up showing us that holidays are all about chilling out!

Holidays are such hard work

Another crazy week

Well firstly sorry we are now dropping to weekly updates as the moment Laatu is still for more than 10 mins I'm sleeping (with one eye open).
As you already know last week was all about swimming in the pond. This week has all been about biting and climbing.
Ok so I'm off the kennel roof but how did I get up here?

Tarkka and Laatu continue to bond and are now firmly best of buddies.
Bestest buddies or is it double trouble?

Tarkka sleeps by Laatu's crate at night but we have had to put the pen around it as Tarkka wakes Laatu up when he wants to play which is not funny at 4.30am

Laatu has also decided this week that sleeping on the floor is for common dogs not him he's somehow found ways to get on chairs.
We haven't seen him do this but he sleeps for a few precious hours so I'm not moving him.
Josh is loving the new addition to the family and I offen walk in to find them all playing nicely or just chilling together on the floor.
 Laatu is starting to get naughty for nipping but Josh takes this all in his stride (normally with Laatu swinging off his socks or trousers) Josh warns all his friends to keep their shoes on when they come over to play and if it gets bad he puts Laatu in his pen (kitchen).

So when not lifting Laatu down off walls or the roof of Tarkka's outdoor kennel what have we been up to this week?

Well Laatu had his first injection and was so good, I don't mean he didn't cry I mean he didn't bite anyone or cause trouble in fact he sat with the vet nurse on her lap covering reception while I talked to the vet (butter wouldn't melt in his mouth)

We have also been out most evenings as Laatu needs to get use to travelling in the car and I want him to meet as many people and experience as many new things as possible.

We have been short walks around the block, short because Laatu now weights a whopping 5.9 kilos so I struggly to carry him for long.

Are saving grace has been living near the beach we have been to the beach 3 nights this week and here's a few photo's.
Mum did you bring a towel?

Wait for me

Tarkka went very deep in this pool as he found a ball he wanted

This evening we did something a little different we headed down to Plymouth Hoe which looks out over the sea, it's a stunning setting and allowed us to grab a few photo's of the dogs with Josh and his best mate Ethan who's staying the weekend and also coming with us to Wales (so is use to the biting yappy lappy). It was a lovely evening and the boys had a fab time on their skate boards while Tarkka and Laatu storked the sea gulls and had a fuss from people out for the evening.
The boys x

Me and the furballs x
So as you can see we have had a busy week and we are now on the week count down to the trip to wales when Laatu can show us how easy it is to escape from the caravan and fencing.

It's taken me all evening to type this update as Laatu decided to dig in the big water bowl soaping himself and the kitchen and we also let the dogs come into the front room at night but I've just had to get Laatu from the top of our stairs, need to move the stair gate in the evenings from kitchen to hallway, it's never ending but we are still smiling, shattered but smiling.

Have a good week everyone, love Jo & the boys x

Beach, park and a spot of swimming

So what have we been up to these last couple of days?

 Well Laatu has settled into a routine of sleeping (under the clothes airer), eating and causing chaos.

Tarkka has no undercoat left due to Laatu ripping chunks of fur out of him.

We went to the beach the other night more to get Laatu use to being in his crate in the back of the car as he still howls in the car. This was great fun we met a family in the car park and the lady asked if the dogs were Finnish Lapphunds and went on to explain she is from Finland and loves the breed while her toddler gave Laatu a cuddle.

Today I took Laatu to the park next door to the school and was surprised how many boys came over in groups to ask about Laatu and give him some fuss.

Back at the house I decided to do some bits around the garden and was watching Laatu as he was getting very close to the pond, next he was paddling in the shallow shelf and ripping the pond plants up, then without warning he decided to lunge for a plant out of reach and yes straight in, head first under the water then came up swimming and when I fished him out ran into the kitchen, water everywhere.

Here's a couple of photo's of us drying him off and also him fast asleep in his crate while I was out fencing off the pond argh I've always had a pond, never fenced and Josh never went near without an adult and Tarkka only ever paddled.

  Wonder what tomorrow will bring !!!!

It's still dark outside

Well with day one under our belt and withbones and lot os play I had hoped for a later start to the day but oh no 4.20am Laatu starts crying to go wee. I'm sure Tarkka wakes him so they can play.

So yet again in the early morning rain the 3 of us are out in the garden but today I'm minus my glasses so I'm squinting to see if Laatu's gone wee before hearding them both back in the house where I made a decission that Laatu was going back to bed.

In fairness he took this ok I think because it was still dark and I made Tarkka come up stairs with me. Yes more sleep yippee.

5.10am crying to go out I stumble down the stairs nearly falling over Tarkka in his bid to beat me to Laatu, lord knows why he can hardly let him out in the garden for me.

Supprised to see Laatu had wet the paper but no worries as he went straight out and went wee.

Realised I had no chance this time of getting back to bed so I made a coffee while Tarkka played really gently with Laatu, wish I could say the same for Laatu who has started storking Tarkka like a wild animal and leaping out at him from under furniture. He did it to me a couple of time and I have the rips in my PJ bottoms to show for it, he's mad.

After lots of rough and tumble play, all the toys came out of the box one at a time, Tarkka decided he was going to pinch some of the toys (they are mainly his after all) and take them up on the sofa in the dinning room. This just allowed Laatu to invent a new game of lets pull Tarkka off the sofa, he he he.

6.15am and they are showing signs of slowing up so back in his crate Laatu goes and up to bed I head taking the stairs 2 at a time. Tarkka stayed i the kitchen in case laatu woke up.

The rest of the family got up at 7am and I decided to let them enjoy the sharpness of Laatu's teeth for a bit so I could snooze until the noise from downstairs got to loud. Josh calling for George, Tarkka and Laatu barking at each other, don't they get it I'M TRYING TO SLEEP.

So back down I come and it's lovely as I now have 2 lappys that come say hello and want a morning hug or did they just want feeding hum well they will have to wait.

Naz took Tarkka for his hour walk while Josh went off to school 9with an extra few holes in his socks) and George escaped for a day in the office to drink coffee in peace.

Laatu when back in his crate (it's like a yoyo) while Tarkka was out for his walk and again went back to sleep.

When Tarkka got back I fed them both but here we have a new game. Tarkka is waiting for his new crate to arrive so I feed him by his bed. Laatu gets fed in his crate. I put Tarkkas food down first then Laatu runs into his crate and I put his food down and close the crate. 5 mins later Laatu is screaming to get out. Me being half asleep thinks bless he wants to get out to the loo but oh no in a blink of an eye his out of the crate and head first in Tarkkas food shoving Tarkka out of the way :-( so I now have to restrain a 7 week old puppy from bullying Tarkka out of his food. Even worse I check Laatu's bowl and he's only eaten half his breakfast.

Anyway rest (poor choice of words) of the day has gone well mainly a routine of garden, play, sleep and a bit of food when Laatu has time or if I put it in Tarkka's big bowl.

 With an hour to go until school kicks out I'm off to have a nap on the sofa as I get the impression we might have a few visitors after school come calling for Josh and to see the new pup, hope they have tough skin and thick socks.

Lappys don't you just love them.
Wearing my new collar and ID tag

First full day and full it's been

Ok so it's been a long time since I saw 4.20am I don't recall Tarkka getting up this early.

Anyway Tarkka came to tell me that the little thing was making a noise so all outside in the garden yes in the heavy rain. Laatu was brill he had a dry crate and was crying coz he wanted to go wee. Of course when you have one you can then pop them back in their crate and go back to bed but as I now have 2 lappies they had other ideas. So after an hour of playing rough and tumble while I had a cuppa I put Laatu back in his crate so Tarkka and I could sneak back up to bed for another couple of hours.

When we all finally got up it was breakfast and then a bit of play in and out of the garden dodging the rain (that's me and Tarkka, Laatu doesn't worry about getting wet).

George then took Tarkka for a walk and Laatu went in his crate more sleep, while I got some stuff done around the house.

Tug was then on the cards as Laatu emptied the dog's toy box and tried to work out what Tarkka would play with him.

Now very tried Laatu went for a long sleep in his crate while I did a quick food shop and caught up on a few things.

While out I bought a couple of bones and a bag of carrots, the idea was that Tarkka could have a bone and Laatu a carrot, however I forgot to explain this to the dogs so in the end after getting fed up with switching them I get them both a carrot and a bone each while I had a cuppa then the bones came up and went in the fridge so carrots became the new bones in the game.

I'm now sat typing this with Laatu and Tarkka fast asleep by me at the kitchen table.
And relax
 Lappy life is good.


The new arrival

Ok so the weekend finally arrived.

Friday night we headed over to Pevensey just a short 5 hour journey along the coast. We stayed overnight in a B&B as didn't fancy a 10 hour round trip in a day. After a good run up we have tea out and settled down for the night, Josh finally fell asleep around midnight and I was wide awake at 5.20am yes Saturday the 16th had finally arrived it's a bit like christmas but I was very good and didn't wake anyone until 7.30am. Then it was up for breakfast and over to Susannes.

Pia and her daughter had come over from Sweeden and it was lovely to met them and talk even more about lappies. Pups had grown loads in the 2 weeks since we saw them. Josh couldn't wait to go in with the pups who were running riot in the kitchen.

After 2 cuppa's and a bit of paperwork it was time to say goodbye and head back to Devon so after lots of goodbyes and hugs and possibly a few tears we setlled Musseson now known as Lappvikens Tumma Laatu (pet name Laatu) into the backseat with me (Jo) and set off on the 5 hour return journey.

We have Tarkka's soft crate on the back seat with vet bed and towels in so Laatu quickly got busy making a den, he howled for about 5 mins then realised the big rumbling thing was not going to stop so he might as well go to sleep and he stayed asleep for the best part of 2 hours which was great.

Then it was a quick stop in the rain then back in the car and more sleep for the next 3 hours. Could not ask for a better traveller.

Ok so the next challenge was introducing Tarkka to Laatu. As we had been away for a day (Naz our au-pair had been looking after Tarkka) but as you can imagine he went nuts when we got in. George and Josh gave him loads of fuss while I nipped Laatu out in the garden for a quick wee. Then with less chance of accidents we let them meet.
Tarkka was to mad to start with which scared Laatu so we put Tarkka the other side of the stair gate allowing Laatu to explore and build his confindence. Within 10 mins he was coming to the gate and barking at Tarkka so I decided that Tarkka could come and say hello properly.

Well nothing to worry about with Laatu barking at Tarkka and running around him Tarkka lay on the floor and let Laatu come and say hello.

After a lot of playing I noticed that Laatu was hoovering up bits of Tarkka's food so I decided to see if he would eat. Would he eat ha ha ha he was barking at me while I made his food so after putting Tarkka's tea down I fed Laatu in his crate. Laatu woofed his tea down and when I let him out he proceeded to check out what Tarkka had left (Unikko he is just like you).

So with food in bellies it was back to play in the garden. An hour later and rain causing play to come inside I decided that both dogs looked shattered but neither would give in so Laatu went in his crate. He was not happy and howled for a good 20 mins on and off but he finally gave in and is now fast asleep, We put his cover over his crate as Tarkka really hasn't got a clue what is going on and keeps going over to check Laatu is ok, or still there. We have made the most of the peace and grabbed an indian (not good for the diet will have to walk it off later).

Tarkka has now given in and gone up to our bedroom to sleep making the most of the stair gate being open while Laatu is asleep.

Will now need to play lots when he wakes up so he sleeps tonight. Might also have to go say hi to the neighboors so they can see that something so small is howling so loud.